[e//S2] e//S2's about to ride again!

Tom Vandervoort tvandervoort at msn.com
Thu Sep 4 17:08:07 EDT 2003

The e//S2 is about to ride again!  As many of you know, my baby threw a rod
at 100mph+ just after Turn 1 at Mid-Ohio in June.  Turns out the rod came
out both sides of the lower block.  A mess!

I decided to apply the cost of transport to Minnesota to the engine
replacement and have Chris Smith of Smith's Import Specialties in Chagrin
Falls, OH near Cleveland do the job.  With over 30 years of Audi high
performance experience, Chris came highly recommended.

We were about to buy a 100,000 mile 3B, when Chris found a really good deal
on a factory rebuilt 3B in July.  He's told me and Dean Treadway (when Dean
was having his 20vt urQ serviced there) that the engine is brand new.  That
was confirmed during engine installation this past holiday weekend when
Chris was installing a new windage tray in the 3B.  He found the inside,
crank and bearings to be new.

This weekend's work found the oil flter housing was damaged.  Chris is
seeking a new one from Ohioan Rick Houck who, along with his 10v CQ race car
owns two others.  A bad throw-out bearing just discovered is also being

The e//S2 should be ready for Road America in just over two weeks.  We'll be
driving the car out to California in mid-November for the Audi Club
Nationals at Sears Point and the rest of the winter West Coast events.  Hope
to see Mary Medo's and Jimmy Pribble's rebuilt cars there, too!

My admiration for all of you personally converting your eS2's is without
bounds.  It's great to read of your overcoming every challenge great or
small and another tribute to all the mutual help on the various quattro and
s-cars lists.  With Jimmy setting up the registry, we'll all have a record.
My updated details will be on the way shortly, Jimmy.

'91 e//S2
'91 200tq Avant
'99 A4 1.8t Avant

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