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Fri Sep 5 03:37:06 EDT 2003

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1. actually you gonna have 3 diagnostic connector (another one is t2m black
pg.543) instead of 2 in the cq harness,  but vag-com only need 2 of diagnostic
connector. I forgot which two but for sure one is t2w.

2. i'm not sure about this matter, i tried to combine the two system using
one switch (using  200 turbo coolant pump termoswitch) i believe i connect  Br/Y
wire (t10h/6) pg 543 in 200 to brown t3a/3 (Br/G wire) connector in the CQ
and remove ambient temp sensor (radiator cooling fan after run termoswitch) from
the CQ. Both system are runing before, but now only the coolant pump that
work. Might be just faulty fan control unit.

3. that would be Y/R wire (t8c/8 connector) in the 200 harness pg. 587

4. Basically W/BL on CQ is the speed signal wire from instrument panel, if
you check under Engine electronic-MPI diagram, also on 200, this wire feed the
speed signal for cruise control and differrential control unit. I believe I did
not connect t10a/9 (W/BL wire) on CQ to any pin on 3b ecu since it does not
need any speed signal.

Please double check again, I might be wrong.


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