[e//S2] T10-t10a and T5-T5 connections labels

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Sat Sep 6 16:18:47 EDT 2003

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Well guys I have figured out just about everything! For this application it=
 just seemed wise to forget schematics and get down and dirty tracking wire=
s etc.

Simply put, you cannot rely on the Adu schematics for figuring this out. An=
yways it doesn't help much either. Everything matches up on the T10-T10a co=
nnectors except for positions 5 and 10. I am still figuring them out but I =
will let you know.

On the T5 connector positions 1 and 2 match. Seemingly postions 3-4 match a=
lso but I cannot confirm it yet.

T5 connections on Aby harness:

T5/1 oil pressure 1.8 bar switch
T5/2brake fluid pressure switch
T5/3 Knock sensor? (have yet to confirm this)
T5/4 Diagnostic wire
T5/5 empty ( dash harness has a wire that goes to T10F)

T10 connections on the Aby harness:

T10/1 Brake fluid level switch
T10/2 Electronic Thermostat
T10/3  0.3 bar switch
T10/4 coolant level switch
T10/5 empty
T10/6 Tachometer ground
T10/7 Tachometer
T10/8 Speedometer
T10/9 Speed signal to cruise control and diff locks?
T10/10 Alarm? (Empty on the coupe quattro harness)

As of right now this is the ruff draft version. When I have everything figu=
red out in a more proper manner I will put it on a spread sheet. For now I =
have 7 sheets of paper and a empty bic pen with all my notes.


P=2ES. Moral of the story, Be patient, very patient!, and work with whats i=
n front of you. Schematics are extremely nice, but some times you just got =
to suck it up and follow the wires.

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