[e//S2] T10-T10A connections labels continued

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Mon Sep 8 01:28:51 EDT 2003

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I have some more information:

So that everything is clear, the adu schematics actually match. They just d=
id not make much sense to me at the time. For instance, T10/9 is labeled as=
 speedometer. It's for cruise control purposes not for connecting the instr=
ument cluster gauge to the speedometer cable.

I will have the point out the lack of schematics out there really messed wi=
th my head. But I am basically on top of everything now.

The only wiring issuses seemingly are T10a/5 on the dash harness and T5/3 o=
n the Aby harness.

Some how I believe they are relate to each other.  At this point these two =
has me slightly confused. But once I figure this out there will be a nice S=
pread sheet on it.



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