[e//S2] interesting brake information

Ben Nesbitt soopercoop at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 23:26:31 EDT 2003

So here is some interesting brake information I learned today while playing
with brake parts.....the URs4 uses the same front brake caliper carrier as
the B4.  The caliper is also a G60 however, the URS4 uses leading edge mount
and the B4 uses trailing edge mount so the large piston is on the wrong
side.  You could flip the calipers but then the bleed nipple would be on the
bottom and you'd never get the air out.  What this means is that the new
Stoptech (and others) brake upgrades for the URS4 will bolt right up to the
B4 and probably the B3 as well (if b4/b3 same?)  The difference is that the
URS4 rotor is offset 3 mm CLOSER to the strut than the B4.  Have yet to see
if the URS4 front hub compensates for this 3mm

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