[e//S2] Using S2 engine harness

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As i've been learning in the last few weeks, adapting the 3B harness from
the 200 is actuall not as difficult as it first seems. In fact, there are
really only about 25 steps to fully integrating it (which i will publish as
soon as i can get my notes organized!). an S2 harness is extremely hard to
find (i've tried) and can be quite expensive as well. by the way, i also
looked into a new one but it was about $1700. but if you can find a used
one, i'm sure it would make things a little easier (still some coordination
req. with the rest of the coupe's wiring), although getting ahold of the
schematics might be tough.


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> Hi all.  Has anyone considered looking into the possibility of buying a S2
> engine harness from a European wrecker.
> Would it not be easier to install a '91 200tq 3B engine with a 3B powered
> harness than adapt the '91 200tq harness to the  '90 -'91Coupe 20v 7A
> car???
> Opinions please or BTDTs welcome
> THanks in advance
> Joe Marconi   Toledo, Ohio
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> '91 200 TQ
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