[Es2] Re: ABY wireing for URQ

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Apr 7 18:02:40 EDT 2004


Have you inquired at the dealership about obtaining their UrQ service
manuals. Or perhaps they know where to get one.


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> Thanks all for your feed back on the Aby to URQ wiring and conversion.
> www.s2forum web site has some very good diagrams for the aby/adu engine
> loom and ecu.  I am relatively happy with those diagrams and hopefully
> side should go well.
> What I plan on doing is to get everything connected and mocked up on the
> floor and get the engine running there.  Then I can check with vag com
> all sensors are ok and I have no fault codes bugs.  This is the way I got
> tdi engine running in my A2 golf.  The tdi has lots more wires than the
> as it has a drive by wire throttle, electronic fuel pump etc, etc, so
> doesn't scare me.  And im also an electronic engineer.
> The only problems I can see is on the 84 WR side.  As it's an 84, then it
> even worse than other URQ's as it is more of a miss match or wires, and
> looms etc.  I haven't looked much at the URQ wiring yet, but on first
> inspection it isn't great.  There are wires spliced into the top side of
> fuse box where the fuses are.  The fuel pump relay is bypassed somehow, as
> the pump runs as long as the ignition is on.  I notice the wastage has
> adjusted.   Then the stupid digital dash has gone on the blink.
> So I need more info on the UR wiring.  The vin no of the car is
> wauzzz852ea901061. Can anyone tell me if this is a early 84 loom car or
> what?  What are the best books to get for this car?  I have Haynes manuals
> for audi 100-200 and 80-90 coupe.  These don't cover much.  Steve, the red
> Bentley manual for the US 4000(80), CGT, that you mention, is it readily
> available and if so where from?  How can I get a copy of the factory
> diagrams even if they are not completely correct?
> Ok thanks to all involved for the help so far. Des.
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