[Es2] Re: ABY wireing for URQ

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Apr 7 16:48:01 EDT 2004

> The only problems I can see is on the 84 WR side.  As it’s an 84, then 
> it is even worse than other URQ’s as it is more of a miss match or 
> wires, and looms etc.  I haven’t looked much at the URQ wiring yet, but 
> on first inspection it isn’t great.  There are wires spliced into the 
> top side of the fuse box where the fuses are.  The fuel pump relay is 
> bypassed somehow, as the pump runs as long as the ignition is on.  I 
> notice the wastage has been adjusted…   Then the stupid digital dash has 
> gone on the blink.
> So I need more info on the UR wiring.  The vin no of the car is 
> wauzzz852ea901061. Can anyone tell me if this is a early 84 loom car or 
> what? 

I would recommend obtaining a late coupe GT parts car (86 or 87), the 
later the better, basically, and using the looms for all the "generic" 
functions (lights, etc etc) from it.  They are made much better.  Also, 
if you're up to it, swap in the underhood fuse box at the same time.

Huw Powell



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