[Es2] Refreshing the engines

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well, replace the coolant hose across the front leading to the turbo.

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>What are folks doing about the sensors, hoses, etc?
>testing, cleaning, reinstalling?

Well, for AAN conversions that switch to the S2 intake style, there aren't
many hoses that can be reused.  So, most hoses are brand new.  I'm hedging a
bit on my language, because I actually can't think of any hoses that I was
able to reuse on my car.  Sensors and everything else just got a cleaning,
though the intake temp sensor got run over while the motor was out of the
car, so it was replaced ($115 from the stealership!).  

For the 3B guys, if the motor is known to have been running fine, go ahead
and leave it alone (except for a good cleaning).  There aren't really any
hoses on these cars that are difficult to r&r, when they eventually need it.
If the engine is new to you, I would always recommend a t-belt service, just
so you know.  I'm not really a believer in doing an engine rebuild (or other
parts replacement) unless it really needs it.  Of course, I am always
thinking with a strict budget in mind.  Others may want to take the
opportunity to do a rebuild now that the motor is out of the car.  Personal
preference, really.

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