[Es2] Refreshing the engines

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 11:07:43 EDT 2004

> though the intake temp sensor got run over while the
> motor was out of the
> car, so it was replaced ($115 from the
> stealership!).  

Fragile little part, mine was intermittent presumably
due to a little too much stresses on the wires
during engine transfer.  I completely rewired/
soldered it but would still throw a code after a few
10's of miles driving.
Other than that, just a new MFTS and OXS, the
latter replaced after transplant, very easy to
access if you are used to the 7A PITA location.
Now I wish we would have replaced the afterrun temp.
sensor, I have yet to hear it run.
Of course, new T-belt and the full job, seals, WP etc.
Also replaced the distributor after transplant, as
2Bennett could not assure me it was anything but
the original.  Sure enough, plastic gear.  Expensive
counter measure, but it is a left-on-road-dead failure
so IMO necessary.
Interesting, the 2Bennett invoice shows they also
replaced the heater core and hoses- free of charge.
They used a Samco turbo/IC hose and a new OEM x-over
to intake hose.  Everything else is original.

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