[Es2] Is there anyone running 42et with 18s?

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Thu Apr 15 23:38:14 EDT 2004

Hi guys.. 

It's been a while since I sent an email here.  I haven't touched the coupe. But I am planning on getting started working on it this weeked and have it on the road by the end of may.

I am curious if any of u are running higher than a 35et and not having problems?

Seemingly tomorrow I will be ordering 18/8inch 42et 4/108 rims... and it would be nice if they bolted straight up. However I don't mind using spacer, most likely I will use them anyways.

Tire size 225/40/18 sound right?

Anyone recommend tires?

I have bridestone potenzas on my current rims and I most likely buy them again.


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