[Es2] Project Update

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Fri Apr 16 11:28:59 EDT 2004

Whew, this list has been slow.  However, work has continued on my car
whenever possible and I think the car will be driving under its own power
sometime in May.  Probably the most interesting thing that we have been
doing is fitting a huge Mercedes oil cooler to the car in the deleted aux
radiator location.  This oil cooler is the same or similar to Javad's
(http://www.80tq.com/cooling.html).  Mine came from an old Mercedes SLC.
I'll take photos this weekend after the install is finished.

Here, for your infotainment, is our punch list:


1.1.	Crossmember and Intercooler
1.1.1.	Drill crossmember mount (Jimmy)
1.1.2.	Install silicone reducer hose* (Jimmy)
1.2.	Intake
1.2.1.	Route vacuum hoses to BPV, WGFV (Jimmy)
1.2.2.	Plug intake boot (Jimmy)
1.2.3.	Paint intake hard pipes (Jimmy)
1.2.4.	Install cone filter (Ken)
1.3.	Exhaust
1.3.1.	Fabricate custom downpipe to mate with stock exhaust (Ken)
1.3.2.	Install stock exhaust (Jimmy)
1.4.	Oil Catch Can
1.4.1.	Route Aeroquip hoses (Jimmy, Ken)
1.5.	Oil Cooler
1.5.1.	Install aux. radiator mounts (Jimmy)
1.5.2.	Install hose guides (Jimmy)
1.6.	Miscellaneous
1.6.1.	Add Engine Oil
1.6.2.	Add Engine Coolant
1.6.3.	Install oil dipstick (Ken)
1.6.4.	Spacers for IM ground connections
1.6.5.	CQ alternator belt (Jimmy)
1.6.6.	Re-torque exhaust manifold bolts (Ken)


2.1.	Add transmission/differential fluid (Ken) 
2.2.	Inner CV joint boot repair (Ken)


3.1.	Fab ECU mount (Jimmy)
3.2.	Install ECU, route vacuum hose, install moisture trap (Jimmy)
3.3.	Mount altitude sensor (Jimmy)
3.4.	Install Emergency Electric Kill Switch* (Eric)
3.5.	POS cooling mods (Jimmy)
3.6.	Mount 7A connector bracket on firewall (Ken)
3.7.	Repair T3 connector at IM (Eric)
3.8.	Wire auxiliary gauges (Jimmy)
3.9.	Wire auxiliary gauge lights (Eric)
3.10.	Wire main power bus* (Eric)
3.11.	Wire starter switch * (Eric)
3.12.	Splice ABY wiring harness (Jimmy)
3.13.	Check continuity to WGFV (Jimmy)


4.1.	Route Aeroquip hoses for PS reservoir*


5.1.	G60 front brakes
5.1.1.	Install brakes* (Ken)
5.1.2.	Add Brake Fluid, bleed brakes (Jimmy, Ken)
5.1.3.	Delete OEM bias valve? (Ken) 


6.1.	Mount Racing Seat(s)/Harnesses*


7.1.	Install B4 hood
7.1.1.	Custom aluminum mounting brackets (Jimmy, Ken, Eric)
7.1.2.	Hood pins w/ foam, bolts, washers, strike plate (Jimmy)
7.2.	Install RS2 front bumper cover (Jimmy)


-	4 ga. Wire (10 ft.)
-	(4) eyelet terminals for 4 ga. wire to starter
-	(2) eyelet terminals for 2 ga. wire to kill switch
-	big spade terminals for 4 ga. wire to fusebox
-	silicone reducer hose, 70mm to 60mm, Hose Techniques
54238/275-01G-300 (2.75" to 2.36")
-	brake bolts
-	bolts/washers for hood pins
-	heater hose (expansion tank to radiator)
-	racing set(s)/harnesses    

This is only the critical list of things to get the car in basic working
order.  It doesn't include future modifications or even things that I
consider important (like replacing my blown shocks).  It's mostly just what
we need to get the car going.  We have probably overlooked some things
(hmmm, I don't see "fab heat shield for intake" on there anywhere), but this
is what we are working from.


Jimmy P.

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