[Es2] Project Update

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Fri Apr 16 11:46:49 EDT 2004

> Wow, all that and staying with G60s?  I hope you
> plan to upgrade those at some point!!

Absolutely.  That was a financial consideration.  By staying with the G60
brakes, I save the expense of finishing my brake upgrade (I still need the
996tt calipers ($$$$) to go with my pseudo-BIRA System 6 Plus upgrade), and
I am able to run small, cheap wheels and tires until I can afford the wheels
I want for the car.  Also, my brake choice became limited when the local
Discount Tire destroyed one of my Abt rims.  That removed the option of
running any brakes that required a 17" wheel.  Currently, the car is wearing
the A6 split-six-spoke sport rims in 16 x 7.

Luckily, my home track is very brake friendly.  There are only a couple of
areas where very hard braking is required and the track provides lots of
cooling recovery time.  So, despite liking my Porsche brakes much better, I
admit that I never faded my G60s, neither in the CQ (stock), nor on the much
heavier, much more powerful UrS4.  At least while on my home track, I should
be fine.



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