[Es2] Long night leads to Diagnostic plug questions..

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sun Apr 18 01:12:24 EDT 2004

Hi guys

Well I am puzzled now.


Jimmy do you have this White T2z diagnostic connector? The
middle one.

My aby engine harness has a black connector(red with black stripe) and a blue Ty2 connector(lightblue with brown stripe)

There is one eyelet connector which is the L wire which is white with red stripe.   The rs2 scematics says that there is sappose to be a white wire connected to White connector but there is not on my harness.

The rs2 harness also states that the K wire has a green wire also connected to This white Connector.

WHere is this white connector? T2z ????

it's getting late but I am perplexed at this so I am going to keep working and see what I find.. 

Basically I am going to find position 55 on my ecu see if this K wire is there which is Green and red.. and follow it if possible to where it leads.

WTF I thought I had all this figured out.

Btw I was looking at the 90 v6 fuse box frame I have... Those screws are just points of attachment for the wires, I wasn't sure if they were connected or not. But bassically seems like they're there to keep the wires from moving.  Who knows.. 

I'll update tomorrow


P.S. Back in my head.. this little voice says.. 
"guiness is good for you"

:-) Beer: Haven't touched it yet.. but I am in a sec
even if it's the crappy bottle version.

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