[Es2] Update for diagnostic connectors.. Found the K wire

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sun Apr 18 01:40:29 EDT 2004

HI guys

3b guys don't bother reading but for me and Jimmy:

ECU 55 pin lead to Position 10 On T10 the black connector. Ironically Paul Posted this and I completely over looked it:

T10/1 - Hydraulic alarms from F34 and F75 (gr/ge) across to Autocheck 
T10/2 - F76 'T' pin (bl/br) into G3 (bl/br) via T26/2
T10/3 - F22 (0.3bar switch) into Autcheck via T14/7 (bl/sw)
T10/4 - F66 (low coolant switch) into Autocheck via T14/4 (bl/ge)
T10/5 - Unused as far as I can tell
T10/6 - Earth strapping (br to br/sw)
T10/7 - RPM info, ECU pin #40 (li) to G5 via T26/22 (gn/bl)
T10/8 - Raw speedo info from G22 (ro/ge) to G21 (br/ro) via T26a/20
T10/9 - ECU pin #50,VSS (ws/bl)
T10/10 - ECU pin #55, OBD (gn/ro) to OBD and J365 gn/sw

I need to read this like 40 times memorize it, and jump back under the dash :-)


Postion 55 on the ecu can be found on these two pages above.

Seemingly I am going to pull the green and red wire out of the T10 connector and make my own white Tz2 connector using  this wire and The White and red wire with the eyelet on it.  

Sounds a bit complicated.. but seems like the solution.

I am still perplexed why I don't have a white connector thought?   

Anyways one less mess off the list.


P.S. the guiness taste good even if it's in a bottle.

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