[Es2] Update for diagnostic connectors.. Found the K wire

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Sun Apr 18 10:22:06 EDT 2004


J365 is a typo; it's actually J362, which is the Immobilizer Unit.  We(?)
don't have an Immobilizer, so I ignored T10/10 completely.

T2z IS the actual white diagnostic connector, which I also do not have.  If
the two posts in the fuse box are a junction for nothing besides the two
diagnostic wires in question, then it appears you don't have to do anything
to the K and L wires except secure them in some manner.  They are "open" and
just waiting for you to use them for blink codes.  Like I said earlier, I
plan to pre-wire mine to a momentary push-button switch, so that I can
retrieve fault codes from within the cockpit.  I will probably secure all of
the diagnostic connectors under the dash, rather than in the fuse box.

I'll post my weekend update later today.

Jimmy P.
Spent all weekend under the dash.

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