[Es2] clutches and flywheels

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Mon Apr 19 09:59:18 EDT 2004

The 3B S2 and 3B 200q do not use the same flywheel, as they do not use 
the same family of transmissions.   The 3B S2 is unique in that it uses 
a solid flywheel with an 01E transmission (pilot bearing in the 
flywheel), whereas the other 01E cars use the dual mass flywheel.   I 
would use the solid flywheel if you need to get a flywheel, but don't 
worry if you can't find one..  FWIW, the solid S2 flywheel is sometimes  
used as a "racing upgrade" for 01E cars.  In fact, MTM supplied one to a 
local customer who uses it in a 400+ Hp 2000 S4 that runs in various 
events such as the Open Track Challenge, One Lap of America, and Targa 
New Foundland.


Miller, Chris wrote:

>I've got the Sachs clutch disk catalog with their uprated disks, etc. in it; Jimmy, can you put it up on your site? (attached but won't go to list).
>Reading the S2Central forums, they say you can use either a 3B or dual mass flywheel; the dual mass has a spacer that must be removed to use the 3B single mass.  That seems to indicate that the euro 3B flywheel is not the same as the 200q20v flywheel, since they don't mention the throwout bearing issue.
>Peter:  we'll have to look at your s2 flywheel and get some pics to compare to others...
>Any suggestions on the clutch disk and pressure plate?
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