[Es2] Re: Wheel Opinion for Josh!

Darin Adlard audilard at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 21:59:03 EDT 2004


I always try to bite my tongue when I see "opinion
wanted" posts because to each his own.  There are some
goofballs on Audiworld that seem to think their
opinion is fact or something so I always avoid these
things.  But since we are a good bunch here I'll share
my thoughts. 8-)

I think you should get what you want.  I bought 16"
wheels because I got a good deal on them, but every
day for two years all I could think about was getting
17s (which I finally did and got the ones I
wanted)(Ronal R38s BTW) 7.5 will limit your tire width
as you already know and I would think redrilled wheels
probably weakens them.  I personally, don't like the
look of the focus wheels, but they are 18x8s and all
that matters is that you like them.  I actually love
the look of the Brocks, but given the limitation on
brakes, you are better off with something else. Its
always hard to tell what wheels really look like in
pictures.  Whatever you do, don't "settle" because you
get a good deal.  I "settled" on my wife's wedding
ring......and I hear about it e-v-e-r-y stinkin
d-a-y!!!! aaaaahhhhhh!!!

Just my opinion!8-)

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