[Es2] I have some radiator and oil cooler questions.

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Fri Apr 30 16:39:53 EDT 2004

Hi guys.

I was at the junk yard today looking at suspension parts and noticed a 90 quattro 10v. So I pulled the hood open.. and I see a nice new radiator sitting in the thing.  I go to the desk ask how much?  "$50 pulled by us".  An hour later I have a like new Nissen metal endtank radiator.  From what I read the plastic ones are crap but this one is seemingly quite nice.  My oem radiator is ok, I squished a couple of the fins by accident. So most likely the Nissen radiator is going in. However what is it called to make it flow better that you can have done to it?  I am almost tempted to install it, drive around and take the stock one to this welding shop that I know and have an aluminum one made.   

To get to the point, I had this idea.  So I just bought this aux radiator.  Wondering what I am going to do with it if I ditch the coolant lines to it I think: oil cooler.
If I mount it backwards and have fitting welded onto it can I use it as an oil cooler?????  That would be such an awesome solution and I know it will get the air it needs to keep cool.  I have an aby oilcooler, lines, and bracket but the oil cooler is in ruff shape.  Opinions? Is it possible to turn that aux radiator into an oil cooler????


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