[urq] RE: [Es2] consensus on clutch/pressure plate parts?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Apr 28 15:03:48 EDT 2004

I'll be surprised if you find any of those RR parts over here.  I sourced
all those and then some from Europe.  I can't provide an answer WRT to your
radiator question, but may be able to provide another data point that may be
helpful.  On my 3B I'm using the stock, albeit brand new, urq radiator setup
including the aux rad.  Coolant capacity, according to SJM's site and my
memory (uh oh), is actually .3 quart greater in the urq system vs the 200
20V.  WX = 9.3 q, 3B = 9.0q.  AAN=9.4q.

Then again my motor is basically stock but for software, and yours will, I
believe, be more highly tuned....

hth somehow....


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Subject: [urq] RE: [Es2] consensus on clutch/pressure plate parts?

Same question different engine and car: 1983 UrQ, AAN engine, stock
motor at first with RS2 exhaust and Intake, eventually totally RS2
equipted, stock UrQ tranny.
consensus on clutch/pressure plate parts/flywheel? Upgrades for the long

Have very many other guys actually completed this swap, Urq/AAN?
Can anyone put me touch with them.
Have a couple of questions on the radiator needed for the swap.
Some say a 3B oil pan is the only way to go. AAN hits the rad, Everyone
pretty much agrees on this
Others (2Bennett) say a Dialynx rad clears the oil pan, can use the
orginal AAN oil pan
Can I retank a new (last fall) coupe radiator
Either way I gotta get do something
Either for sale by anyone?

Anyone have for sale?
fuel rail to fit a RS2 IM?
3B/RR/ABY/ADU water manifold
RR(20V ur q) thermostat to heater pipe with outlet for after-run cooling
RR turbo to IC hose
RR/ABY/ADU upper radiator hose
ADU pressure pipe
RR/ABY/ADU aux. coolant pump bracket

Any other list I should get in touch with conversions?


Jack Walker

Ivey Imaging
5679 SE International Way
Milwaukie, Oregon
jwalker at ivey.com


503)353-6521 direct line
503)807-3807 celluar phone

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Subject: [Es2] consensus on clutch/pressure plate parts?

Anyone figure out the best parts to buy (and part numbers, prices,
3B engine, stock coupe tranny and flywheel.

Chris Miller
Training Development
[i] The Information Foundry at Robert Bentley, Inc.
Tel: 617.528.4113
Cell: 617.875.3792
mailto:chris.miller at infofoundry.com
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