[Es2] Lots of ??

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Sun Aug 1 08:31:17 EDT 2004

Hi all,
 Man this list is not like s-cars list. Its nice to not be flooded with 
emails. Although some are ok. Anyway I'm trying to sort things out so that I know 
what I need to get now and what I will be waiting for. 
 I am looking for front and rear swaybar upgrade. What is the best for a car 
that is going to be driven on the road but looking for ultimate performance at 
the track? 
 I am doing a 5 lug hub conversion and hoping to use the hubs from my s4 if 
possible. Will an ssr competition 17X8.5 ET 35 fit and if so what is the 
largest tire I can put on it for track? 255-40-17???
 The car has H&R springs and Koni adjustible shocks, how are these? Should I 
be thinking coil overs for the future?
 I'm putting my DSY 6 speed tranny in the coupe. Will I need different 
linkage? Will the quattrospeed short shifter still work?
 I would like a full 3" turbo back high quality exhaust. Who makes such a 
thing and how loud are they? I saw 2Bennett has a downpipe and a 3" exhaust, any 
using this? I'd assume this is a very expensive exhaust knowing 2bennett.
 It looks like I'll need S2 half shafts to make the tranny fit, where can I 
get these and how much are they?
 Anyone using a rear strut bar that can be taken out easily?
 Thanks for any help you can give. Going from the S4 I know the engine well 
but the rest of the car is all new to me. 


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