[Es2] Lots of ??

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon Aug 2 10:17:49 EDT 2004

> Man this list is not like s-cars list. Its nice to not be flooded with 
> emails. Although some are ok.

Yeah, sometimes it's actually TOO quiet around here.

> I am looking for front and rear swaybar upgrade. What is the best for a
> that is going to be driven on the road but looking for ultimate
performance at 
> the track?

Many of your questions don't really have anything to do
with conversion issues, therefore, the best place to find some of the
is the actual S2 forums located here:


It's not that we don't want to talk about that kind of stuff, but we have a
limited number of data points.

> I am doing a 5 lug hub conversion and hoping to use the hubs from my s4 if

> possible.

Lots of info in the archives.

> Will an ssr competition 17X8.5 ET 35 fit and if so what is the 
> largest tire I can put on it for track? 255-40-17???

Yes, that wheel will fit nicely and look swell, to boot!  I have fit
on the car before, but I think I got lucky.  235 width is probably the way
to go.
I think 255 would be impossible without modification (talk to Dean

> The car has H&R springs and Koni adjustible shocks, how are these?

That's what Brandon uses and I think he just reported that it was good for
the track
but a bit rough on the street.

> Should I be thinking coil overs for the future?

Sure...I am!  Here is a link to some CO info, though some is rally specific:


> I'm putting my DSY 6 speed tranny in the coupe. Will I need different 
> linkage? Will the quattrospeed short shifter still work?

It's my understanding that you will need a different linkage and different
I have no idea about the short shifter.

> I would like a full 3" turbo back high quality exhaust. Who makes such a 
thing and how loud are they?

This will apply to the real S2 guys also, so check that forum.  Since this
combo never made it here, there are no easy, "local" solutions.  Many just
get custom

> I saw 2Bennett has a downpipe and a 3" exhaust, any using this?
> I'd assume this is a very expensive exhaust knowing 2bennett.

I have heard of folks using this and it supposedly very nice, but it is
outrageously expensive.
I remember buying my complete Stromung system (UrS4) for barely more than 2B
wanted for a downpipe.

> It looks like I'll need S2 half shafts to make the tranny fit, where can I

> get these and how much are they?

Alex at Europrice is a friend.


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