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Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 2 10:41:12 EDT 2004

>  I am looking for front and rear swaybar upgrade.
I vaguely recall some have used a 4kq bar on the rear,
but no btdt.

> possible. Will an ssr competition 17X8.5 ET 35 fit
> and if so what is the 
> largest tire I can put on it for track? 255-40-17???
Stock offset is 37 so thats pretty close.  I run
235-40-17 and the fronts just rub the fender liners on
the track, no issues on the street.  I think for 255's
you would need to roll the fenders and space them out
so they don't rub on the tie rod ends.

>  The car has H&R springs and Koni adjustible shocks,
> how are these? Should I 
> be thinking coil overs for the future?
I have H&R with Bilstein shocks and am quite happy. 
Not the ultimate in stiffness but corners pretty flat.
 I would drive it awhile first before going to

>  I'm putting my DSY 6 speed tranny in the coupe.
You bastard!!

>  I would like a full 3" turbo back high quality
> exhaust. Who makes such a 
> thing and how loud are they? I saw 2Bennett has a
> downpipe and a 3" exhaust, any 
> using this? I'd assume this is a very expensive
> exhaust knowing 2bennett.
Yes I have the 2B pipe and it is nice but pricy. 
Definitely opened up the high end performance and
lowered the boost threshold a bit.  I went from a
modified 200 downpipe and Scorpion exhaust to the 2B
pipe and single-box 3" exhaust, and was pleasantly
surprised at the difference it made.  Not very loud at
all, either.

> but the rest of the car is all new to me. 
The lighter weight and shorter wheelbase compared to
the ur-S makes the coupe much more nimble (if that is
ever an appropriate description of a quattro).

You didn't mention it, but you will need a brake
upgrade for track duty.  With 5-bolt hubs, there are a
few more options.  I'd check bira.org for starters.


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