[Es2] strange but true!

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Aug 4 14:45:08 EDT 2004

A few of you may remember my unfortunate experience with a German seller by the name of Flexx. Nearly two years ago I bought and paid for a set of S2 rear wheel hubs. He seemed to be nice enough. Always returned my emails quickly. That is until my payment arrived. I never heard from him again, despite my repeated attempts at trying to contact him. I was out 160 Euro and had nothing to show for it.
Recently, Flexx showed up on the S2 forum advertising all kinds of S2 parts available. I took this opportunity to warn others of his behavior, telling my story in great detail. Of course, Flexx seemed "surprised" to hear that I had never received the parts. Well, after a few private messages between myself and Flexx, guess what showed up at my office today? A set of S2 rear hubs. While I'm grateful that he has somewhat righted his wrong doings, I still will never deal with him again and I caution anyone else thinking about buying parts from him. He's still a sketchy guy in my books. Anyway, that's not really the point of all this. Obviously, I no longer need the hubs so they are available to anyone interested. I'm just looking to get my money back out of it. First come, first served of course!


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