[Es2] The coupe found it's mojo tonight ;-)

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Wed Aug 4 23:23:43 EDT 2004

Hey guys.

I ran the ignition/starter today with out the injectors or coil pluged in.  In the begining it didn't happen, mainly because of the battery being so low but I have a boat charger getting the battery going again.  Everything seems to be in check so far.  However the radiator is not in, no coolant, no intercooler plumbing, no maf, etc.. but things look good.  I installed the audi 80amp fuseable link on the abs box and I am waiting for a 70amp relay to come with the oil cooler and brake contact on the brake fluid expansion tank (I broke it taking the intake manifold off, opps). Hopefully I will be running a three stage fan setup if everything works out.

I been using this crappy version of the crank tool Ben made but I ended up buying a new one today.  Sir tools makes a copy and it sells for $79.00 Most likely I could make copies of it cheap if anyone was interested.  The bolt is tight but needs to be tighten quite a bit more.

I pulled the rear tierods off today too, Seemingly both rear booties/bellows were ripped off and I am trying to solve this with out buying new tie rods. However the crappy autozone puller that I used made a mess of the threads to the point where I can't re-thread them.  Seemingly If I can get booties that will work, I am thinking of cutting the threads off and welding on some headless bolts.

I also noticed a couple months back that when the fuel system was pressurized I seemingly had a leak where I cut the lines and put new flanges on.  I think I fixed this but I am keeping the fuel system pressurized for a couple days and see if anything leaks.  Needless to say I have a 
fire extinguisher on hand.  

My girlfriend is jealous of the coupe, the only issuse so far. So tomorrow I am going to take a break and wait for parts to come anyways.

So that's the story.


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