[Es2] fuel pump

coup quat coupquat at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 03:12:46 EDT 2004

Okay, now i really forgot what fuel pump i'm using....43mm or 60mm..
Let me try to remember...
According to the family album the 200 and s4 has 43mm pump.
I know I was using 43mm the pump for a while since my coupe is an early model until 
the pump quit working. Then i used the fuel pump from my donor car (200 20v), which i 
found out it had 60mm pump instead 43mm...So then, I believed right now I am 
using 60mm pump, with 60mm housing in my coupe. I decided to use that pump since: 
it was late sunday already when my old pump quit working and I checked the family 
album, the rs2 is using 60mm instead 43mm pump.. So i decided to use it....Then 
I ordered another 60mm pump from TPC for spare. Now I remember..

Elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:
In a message dated 8/9/2004 4:23:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, coupquat at yahoo.com writes:

I am running 200/s4 pump, you'll need to get the pump housing from 200 or s4 since the 200/s4 pump is smaller in diameter. Curently running over 400hp, over 60psi fuel pressure setup, had no problem yet (knock on wood!!).   

Great, thats just what I wanted to hear since my parts S4 is in the garage. Does the housing and pump fit in the stock location or is there modification that needs to happen? Thanks,

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