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Audi rates the fuel delivery amount based on voltage provided at the
pump.  For the 3B 200q20v, there is a graph showing volume against pump
voltage on page 20.23 of the service fiche.  It says that voltage at the
pump should be 2 volts less than battery voltage...

If you want to do the math, it gives quantities per 15 seconds running
in cubic centimeters.  Assuming 12v at the pump, 650cm3/15s.
650x4=2600/minute.  x60=156,000/hour.  Divide by 1000 and 156 l/hr at

AAN lists same graph.  If we say battery voltage is more like 12.8, and
use 10.8 as test voltage, it's about 550.  So, 550x4x60/1000= 132.

I'd assume a similar spec is listed in each repair fiche.  
For the 2.7l S4, it looks like somewhere around 540cm3/15s at 12v.  
Earlier CIS systems probably provide even more fuel (urq).

I think I'd keep the stock pump, but ensure it gets good voltage, and do
some high rpm/hp runs with a pressure gauge in line, and an eye on


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> Don't know what pressure you need.

Does HE?

I would suggest that nobody can make an educated decision about which FP
to use, if you don't have the specs to the pumps in question.  Is this
information already collected somewhere?  If not, I would be happy to
host this info, if folks will pipe-up with the flow-rates.

Besides both CQ pumps (43mm and 60mm), we will want info about the
S4/S6, UrQ, and probably every other Audi fuel pump we can find.  Why
not?  We will also want to check the specs for the S2 and RS2 fuel

My contribution will be the Bosch Motorsport pumps:

FP100     Y 580 700 118     100 l/h     5 bar
FP165     0 580 254 979     165 l/h     5 bar
FP200     0 580 254 044     200 l/h     5 bar

Jimmy P.
Currently using his brand-new 0 580 254 040
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