[Es2] Oversize Pistons?

Dave Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Tue Aug 10 14:40:22 EDT 2004

The consensus on the S2 forum was to go with JE Pistons made to your specs
for about $600 including rings.   No need to take the block for a second
opinion, if there is a ridge, it needs to be bored (or honed) to the next
I got my JE's in a fairly short amount of time too.   Be sure to have the
machinst wait for the pistons before he bores.  If he asks why, take your
engine elsewhere.

Dave Kase
1990 Coupe Quattro
looks like an S2 and will soon go like one...

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> I've got my donor motor out (229k miles) at a local machine shop and the
> guy I'm working with wants to bore it since he can "tell just by looking
> it" that it needs to be bored.  There is a definite ridge at the top of
> cylinder, but there are remaining hone marks from the bottom of the stroke
> to about 1/4" below the ridge.  I've asked him to measure the bore for me,
> but he has yet to do that.  I'm in Chicago, but the working is going on in
> Dayton.  The only oversize pistons I've been able to find are through the
> worldpac distributors for at least $880 for the set.  Boring and sleeving
> the bores is going to run me about $700.  Are there any other options out
> there, like using the 7a pistons and boring out to 82.5mm (walls between
> cylinders too thin?), or is there a cheaper source for .50mm over pistons,
> or should I take the block somewhere else for a second opinion?  I'd like
> to just hone the block and put new rings in, but I don't know yet whether
> I'm over the wear limit for the engine.  It burned no oil prior to
> disassembly.
> Also, what is the proper style of valve guide for the 3b head?  I ordered
> 027 103 419 from Rod at The Parts Connection, and the machinist says that
> with the shoulder that is on them, that they aren't the correct parts, but
> he can lathe them down to work.  Something about the ones that are
> currently in the head are ~.330" and he needs ones that are ~.450" which
> 8.5 and 11mm respectively.  I see that the worldpac sites show a 8.5 and
> 11mm guide, with the 11mm one without a step/shoulder.  Are these the ones
> I need?
> Thanks!
> Nathan Engelbert
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> 89 90q
> 91 200q20v donor
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