[Es2] worn control arm bushings after one week??

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Aug 11 18:22:58 EDT 2004

Hey guys,

I've had my car on the road for just a little over a week now and I've put about 300 km's of city driving / 600 km's hiway and about 4-5 days ago a single audible "clunk" started coming from the front end at really low speed turns (like turning into a parking stall) and on medium acceleration/decelerations. All suspension components are new, including oem control arm bushings. So I brought the car back in to the place that did my alignment and after confirming that everything was new and tight, they found that the CA bushings seem to have too much give, causing the CA's to clunk against the subframe. They are as surprised as I am. Can this possibly be true? These guys are very respectable German car specialists and I trust their judgement, but this seems whacky!


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