[Es2] Re: Antisway bars

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Aug 11 20:03:12 EDT 2004

I've been lurking on this list for awhile but don't know what year or model
is of your interest, but this response relates to the 89 chassis CQ and

I understand that the RS2 (and S2?) front ASB may be 27mm re: the stock 90Q
and CQ's 25mm bar.  If so, it will be 36% stiffer than stock, a worthwhile
change.  No BTDT, but would like to find one cheap.  Can anyone confirm the
RS2 and S2 bar diameters?

In the rear, I have replaced my stock 14.2mm rear bar with a 22mm 4K front
bar, opting not to go as far as to the 24mm 4KQ bar.  Relative to the stock
14.2mm bar, the 4K bar is 5.75 times as stiff, and the 4KQ bar is >8 times
as stiff!  These bars are cheap and almost bolt up replacements for the
stock bar.


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> Subject: [Es2] swaybars
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> Ok, I've been trying to figure out what to do for swaybars. RS2 front looks
> good, does it fit right? From what I read anything over 19mm in the rear can
> be 
> a problem. What are my options? Anyone using one from Whiteline? Is there
> someone that can make a custom rear SB for a good price?
> Update on my project: just sent crate of parts- DSY tranny, 5 lug front hubs
> from S4, K27 hybrid with RS2 ceramic coated manifold, RS2 injectors, MAF,
> 993tt Big Blacks, Porsche 323mm cast drilled rotors with custom aluminum hats,
> S2 
> steering wheel, and a few other parts. I hope to have the car up and running
> by mid September. I am choosing to take the AC out of the car even though they
> had it working fine with the AAN in. I guess the weight is more important to
> me+ I live in Michigan.
> Elijah

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