[Es2] stock AAN with Dahlback intake vs. chipped 3B

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Fri Aug 13 17:45:35 EDT 2004


It is indeed the stock k24, but the car doesn't feel as powerful as the stock urS4 that I had a ride in a while back.
My friend's exhaust is essentially leftover parts of his stock coupe exhaust. He's removed the cat and rear muffler and now just has the center resonator. Still 2.25" diameter though. Mine is stock coupe as well with a straight pipe in place of the cat. I still have the center and rear muffler though.
His intake was flow tested and balance for each cylinder, but I agree, there's no way that just an intake would make that much difference!

  What turbo are you using? If its the stock k24 you should see full boost before 3000rpms. I have the Dahlback intake manifold in my new project but will not be able to give my impressions for a few more weeks. I doubt it would make that much difference. I am also doing alot of other stuff to the car so I'll never know what it feels like stock but I know what a stock urs4 feels like and its not fast. Are you using a custom exhaust? Is your friend? I would think the exhaust would make more of a difference than the intake manifold. 


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