[Es2] stock AAN with Dahlback intake vs. chipped 3B

Mark Wetzel Mark.Wetzel at verizon.net
Fri Aug 13 18:57:35 EDT 2004

Kinda sounds a bit like the post I put up a few days back.

Mine has nothing below around 4k, I was watching the guage the other day
while just sitting, and taking it up to a little over 3k, there was no
boost at all.

I know it has boost. When I first drove it, I found it comes on crazy,
but not till up high. I wasn't watching the gauge when I was doing it,
but it's rather all or nothing. When it kick in, the tyres break loose,
and it jumps, but without boost it's rather timid.

I haven't done much testing on it, I've only driven it once or twice so
far. I'm afraid to really push it, because the front end is so wicked
out of alignment, it sort of goes wherever it feels like.

Mine is an AAN with an RS2 turbo, and a Lehman ECU that was programmed
for the stock turbo. It does have a 40mm restrictor in place. The
exhaust is straight 2.5" all the way to the very back, where thre's a
race cat, with a 3" exit. Both IM and EM are also stock, as far as I can
tell just by looking at the outside. I have no clue about the injectors

There are a few other small mods, but nothing to affect the spooling.

Sounds a bit like yours.

BTW, anyone ever do a sie by side comparison with an AAN and a 3B. I
know things like the water jacket are different, but is there a
difinitive list of differences that someone has worked on?


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Hey guys,

Last night we had a little get together of local Audis. A friend of mine
was there with his AAN converted coupe and I of course had my 3B coupe
there. The only mod he has done is the Dahlback intake manifold adn a
cone filter. ECU is stock. My 3B is stock but my ECU has been upgraded
with a 2.5 bar pressure tranducer and Mihnea's software. Yet my friend's
car pulls waaaaaay harder than mine, and he doesn't even have 3rd gear!
There's no lag either. It spools up very quickly to 15psi and stays
there though the rev range, whereas mine takes quite a while to build.
Mine eventually gets to about 19-21 psi but there's never a steady
plateau of boost. Before 3000 rpms, it feels like the old 7A! I can say
that now that I've driven the car for a couple of weeks and have come
down from the initial excitement I'm a little concerned about the lack
of performance. Would the Dahlback intake make that much difference on a
stock motor? The power in his car is incredible!

The one thing I always wonder about is that when I had everything apart,
I found that there was no play in any direction on the turbo shaft, but
the turbo didn't spin all that freely by hand. It would turn without
resistance, but it wouldn't spin. It felt kind of stiff, but I figured
it was because it had been sitting without oil in it for a couple of
years. Now I'm wondering if that's causing the slow spool-up? Any
thoughts? My car really should be quicker than it is!

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