[Es2] stock AAN with Dahlback intake vs. chipped 3B

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Fri Aug 13 19:19:00 EDT 2004


I know that boost won't happen while revving the engine at a stand-still. No
real force being produced. Keep us posted on what you find! What condition
was your turbo in when you installed it?


> Mine has nothing below around 4k, I was watching the guage the other day
> while just sitting, and taking it up to a little over 3k, there was no
> boost at all.

> I know it has boost. When I first drove it, I found it comes on crazy,
> but not till up high. I wasn't watching the gauge when I was doing it,
> but it's rather all or nothing. When it kick in, the tyres break loose,
> and it jumps, but without boost it's rather timid.
> I haven't done much testing on it, I've only driven it once or twice so
> far. I'm afraid to really push it, because the front end is so wicked
> out of alignment, it sort of goes wherever it feels like.
> Mine is an AAN with an RS2 turbo, and a Lehman ECU that was programmed
> for the stock turbo. It does have a 40mm restrictor in place. The
> exhaust is straight 2.5" all the way to the very back, where thre's a
> race cat, with a 3" exit. Both IM and EM are also stock, as far as I can
> tell just by looking at the outside. I have no clue about the injectors
> however.
> There are a few other small mods, but nothing to affect the spooling.
> Sounds a bit like yours.
> BTW, anyone ever do a sie by side comparison with an AAN and a 3B. I
> know things like the water jacket are different, but is there a
> difinitive list of differences that someone has worked on?
> Mark

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