[Es2] stock AAN with Dahlback intake vs. chipped 3B

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Sun Aug 15 14:14:45 EDT 2004

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Jimmy at texasbankers.com writes:
but the biggest difference
IMO is "overboost mode" which allows 2.15 bar max boost for
15 seconds.  According to Audi, 280 lb-ft of torque is available
from 2100-4000 rpm in a stock AAN, rather than than the 
usually quoted 258 lb-ft.  That mode is simply unavailable on
a 3B.

Still, a chipped 3B should outrun a stock AAN, even if the AAN
has an intake and exhaust, IMO.

Jimmy P.  
The chipped AAN loses any "overboost" mode; AAN and 3B are very similar HP at 
the typical stage 1 chip.  I assume anyone doing a conversion will chip the 

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