[Es2] Metric bubble flares suck balls

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Tue Aug 17 19:02:41 EDT 2004

Hi Josh,

It sounds like you have the wires to the two-pronged oil pressure sender
reversed. Before you go to the trouble of hooking up a mechanical gauge,
switch the wires and see what happens!

Sounds like you're getting there though. Keep up the good work!


> I didn't like the fact that on start up oil pressure gauge shoots to 5bar.
Actually when turn the ignition on the pressure guage goes straight to 5
bar.  I am thinking it's electrical so I bought a mechanical oil pressure
tester just to be on the safe side.  Everything is in check with the
mechanical oil pressure tester.  It also made me realize that I like reading
oil pressure in psi so much more than bar and I am planning on buying a vdo
psi oil pressure gauge from 0-100.
> I am going to try to borrow a bubble flare tool from one of the shops in
the are and then take it from there.
> Cheers
> josh
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