[Es2] First real drive

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Sun Aug 22 22:24:08 EDT 2004

 The car sounds great. One thing you might want to check is to see if the toe 
is set correctly. If the toe is set out at all it can make the car feel very 
squirely especially when on acceleration when the front end lifts and the toe 
goes out even more.


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mark.wetzel at verizon.net writes:

> I got my first real drive in the Coupe yesterday. I've driven up and
> down the street for testing, but not much more than that.
> My biggest concern was a huge and scary amount of torque steer on
> pavement. So much so, that I was suspecting it wasn't even driving the
> rear wheels. If you can imagine a FWD intended for around 150+ HP,
> suddenly with double that. It was wicked bad.
> So in any event, there was a rallyX, and I thought that would be a great
> place to get some seat time, and give it a thorough workout. With a lot
> of runoff space, I wasn't too worried about the torque steer either.
> Well, I was pleasantly surprised, On dirt it handles like a dream. There
> was still some torque steer, but whenever you're trying to lay down 330+
> HP on dirt, I kinda think you can expect that. I had a couple of
> spotters, and it's driving the rear(at least 1) wheel(s), so that's a
> big plus too.
> My times weren't very good, but I just wanted to drive it, and get a
> feel for what it could do. I was happy it fires right up all the time,
> and it idles well, without overheating. On the grid it was happy and
> didn't complain at all. I was wonderfully impressed by all the power it
> has, although it's still pretty harsh. It's good up until around 4500,
> then all of a sudden warp drive kicks in, and it just screams. Even as a
> driver and anticipating it, it still throws you back in the seat. I did
> find that not being used to that much power, I was coming into most of
> the corners way too hot, and lost a lot of time scrubbing the speed off,
> to regain the line. But, that's what I wanted to learn.
> The car handles like a dream on dirt, and it's got more power than I
> need. Now I just need to get used to it.
> I am still concerned about it's handling on pavement, there's still
> something whacky going on. But, at least I know a bit more than I did
> the other day. BTW, I found it's got an 016 transmission, not sure from
> what,  although I do have the 01A that used to be in it.
> Squid

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