[Es2] Valve guide question

n-engelbert at terrans.net n-engelbert at terrans.net
Thu Aug 26 09:57:32 EDT 2004

I've got the head out for rebuild from my 200q20v engine donor and my
machinist is having problems with the valve guides.  He says that from the
shoulder to where they step down, the length needs to be ~.450" or 11mm,
and the guides that I bought are ~.330" or 8.5mm.  These measurements are
from the guides that came out of the head versus the new ones I provided
him with.

The worldpac sites mention both 8.5 and 11mm guides under the part number
027 103 419, but they only seem to stock the 8.5mm ones.  Autohausaz and
Rod at TPC can't get the 11mm guides, something about them being
discontinued or dealer only now, maybe.  Rod said something about the 11mm
guide being for a head that's been redone before and that the head may have
been machined to take the longer stepped down portion guides.

My machinist says he can mod the guides so that they'll fit, and I'm
thinking of having him do just that.  Did the 200q20v come with these
different guides, were they installed during a previous head rebuild,
should I try to find the 11mm guides, or just have the machinist
change/machine them to fit?

Any other BTDT?


Nathan Engelbert
83 UrQ DA900453
89 90q
91 200q20v donor

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