[Es2] WD-40 and an update...

Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
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WD-40 is indeed amazing stuff. I used it at work on some special
actuators that kept gumming up. I tried all sorts of special lubes, but
WD-40 was the only thing that ever worked. It's also great for removing
gummy stickers from your car, or leftover tape from bodywork.

I use a standard parts cleaner on my greasy stuff. I buy it when it's on
clearance from wherever I happen to be shopping. I can ussually get it
off price, for about $5/gal, and that lasts at least a few months.

The big thing with either, and it can be a good or a bad thing
depending, is that it will leave your parts lubricated and with a
protective coating. That's only a bad thing if you are going to paint
them. Then I use a cleaner with MeCl or 111Trichloroethane, which is
nasty stuff, but effective.

Good luck with the projects!


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In case you don't know already.  We arrived in Salt
Lake a month ago and all our belongings are in
storage, including the engine.  I somehow made enough
space to allow me to work on it on occassion and I
have begun the tedious process of cleaning and
rebuilding.  I think about a pound of dirt, grim, oil,
etc. has been scraped off the block and oil pan, but I
tell you what, WD-40 is the stuff! After a few sprays
and wipe downs with it, its almost as clean as Ben's sandblasted engine!
8-) I need to get some pictures taken, but since my wife got her purse
stolen with our digi cam in it, I can't. (Luckily her wallet wasn't in
the purse)  With the engine started to get all cleaned up I am getting
very excited about beginning pulling the 20v na.  Unfortunately, I will
be needing to find a daily driver before that....

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