[Es2] importing car from canada problems

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Thu Dec 2 08:04:11 EST 2004

If the car was made later than 9/89, it must be a car that came factory 
with an airbag.  The date of manufacture can be found on the driver's 
door opening.  Please note wording...

One of the letters in the VIN designate that the car was factory equipt 
with an airbag, the car must have this designation if made after 9/89.  
If the car originally came without an airbag you are required to have a 
bunch of paper work showing that one was installed.  If the car was 
originally equipt with an airbag and it has since been removed, you may 
still get it in the country.  I know of one car that was brought in like 
this.  Customs looked at the VIN and callled it good!

As you may notice, I have BTDT a few years ago.  I went to try and get 
the link for you but I can no longer find the info onthe 9/89 date.  
Looks like you have found what I found: 

Well, good luck.
Dave K.
wanted to import 1991 Canadian non-airbag Coupe in 1998...

Elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:

>Hi guys, well the car is getting close and its time to start figuring out  
>what I need to do to import it. I called audi for a letter of compliance and  
>they said they couldn't give me one because the car has an "active restraint  
>system"and US requires a "passive restraint system". I posted the s-car list and 
> audiworld and it sounds like passive means it needs an airbag!!! This sucks. 
>Any  way around this or am I going to have to figure out a way to put an 
>airbag  system in this car? Anybody done this, lol, most of us go through the 
>trouble to  get rid of the airbag and now I have to add one. Bummer.
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