[Es2] importing car from canada problems

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What's the build date?

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> Dave,
> Well, that sucks. So since the car did not come with an airbag I  either
> have to have one installed or import the car as an offroad vehicle? Or 
> find
> someone in Canada that wants to buy it. Man, I never though about this 
> when  I got
> myself into this project. Not real smart on my part.
> Elijah
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> If the  car was made later than 9/89, it must be a car that came factory
> with an  airbag.  The date of manufacture can be found on the driver's
> door  opening.  Please note wording...
> One of the letters in the VIN  designate that the car was factory equipt
> with an airbag, the car must  have this designation if made after 9/89.
> If the car originally came  without an airbag you are required to have a
> bunch of paper work showing  that one was installed.  If the car was
> originally equipt with an  airbag and it has since been removed, you may
> still get it in the  country.  I know of one car that was brought in like
> this.   Customs looked at the VIN and callled it good!
> As you may notice, I  have BTDT a few years ago.  I went to try and get
> the link for you  but I can no longer find the info onthe 9/89 date.
> Looks like you  have found what I found:
> http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import/
> Well, good  luck.
> Dave K.
> wanted to import 1991 Canadian non-airbag Coupe in  1998...
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