[Es2] importing car from canada problems

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Everyone always remembers the 25 year and 15 year rules, but the bottom
line is that the car must meet U.S. Federal regulations in effect at the
time of manufacture. At one time the 25 year rule was significant,
because beyond that cars didn't have any or many regulations to meet.
Now that we've progressed(?) a few years down the road, even a 25 year
old car was built with some fashion of safety and emissions standards.

I haven't read the rules as of late, and I know they change frequently,
but there was a 25 year rule a couple of years ago, which allowed that
anything older was a "classic" or "limited use" vehicle, just as many
states have similar statutes for classic and antique status. The guys on
the Lancia Stratos forum were watching this rule as they are just
passing that milestone for that marque.

As for bringing it in as an "offroad" or "racing" vehicle, it depends on
the agent when you come across. The letter of the law states that it can
only be a race vehicle or offroad if it does not have a VIN.

There must be a loophole somewhere though. We have a dealer here in
Western New York who regularly is selling Canadian vehicles, and even
advertises them as such. They are new models that are brought over and
have the gauge clusters changed. I know this because one of my friend's
in the VW/Audi club has seen a bin full of them behind the dealership.
Another friend bought a Windstar last year and they even told him it
came from Canada, as an overstock from Ford. It may be worth a shot to
give them a call. I don't know if they'd be up to conversing about it,
but why not give it a try. The dealer is Superior Motors in Hamburg, NY.
They sell exotics and like I said new Canadian vehicles. Their number is
716-649-6695. I don't know them or know anyone there, but just give them
a call and ask them what it takes to get a car in from Canada, and see
what they say.

Continued good luck!

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OK, so this is getting ugly. How about bringing it in as an offroad  
vehicle?? Anyone have experiance with this? Isn't this cutoff point that
all of  this 
matters 15 years? So after 15 years none of this matters?? Thanks for
all  the 
help, I really want to keep this car.
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`When I  checked into it, it was a big deal.  It was not just adding the

system  but having it approved by the higher powers.  In other words, a
lot of  
official paperwork to show that the system was properly installed.

Dave  K.
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Don't folks bring in '92-'94 UrS4s all the  time?  I don't remember them

having to add airbags.  Are these  restrictions new?  Perhaps they have
brought in UrS6s?  Perhaps  I have been asleep.  No matter what, it's
likely that I 
don't know what  I'm talking about.

Jimmy "likes the off-road vehicle idea  best" Pribble 

Thanks for the  encouragement. I sure hope there's a way around this but
it doesn't seem  like it. I will keep posting as I learn what has to
One thing no one  has mentioned is how hard it is to add an airbag

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