[Es2] Sport Quattro problem

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Interesting idea Chris.  Must say I have suspected a fuel pump problem and
had not considered that I had both pumps on this car but will now look.  I
had heard about the relay problem on the Urqs and will therefore pose the
question there as well - after searching the archives.


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Hi Colin,
first thought would be a fuel pump issue; I think you've got two, a
transfer pump in the tank, and the external main pump.
I know many of the urquattro guys change the fuel pump relay wiring to
install a second relay back by the pump; the stock wiring activates the
rear relay and the rear relay powers the main fuel pump.  Check the
archives on www.audifans.com and you should see some writeups; was it
rdh? that wrote about it?

The relay is relatively cheap, too.

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