[Es2] importing car from canada problems

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Mon Dec 6 17:59:24 EST 2004

 I wish it were that easy with a car but its not. In order to register  the 
car in the US you need a copy of the form from customs stating the car  
complies with all US standards which is obtained if Audi gives a letter of  
conformity which they will not do since the car I bought never came with an  airbag and 
falls into the year that law changed. Anyway, I now know there is no  way 
without spending way to much $$$$$$$ to get this car here so luckily we have  a 
house in Canada and are able to register it there. I plan to do this and drive  
it over and just try to drive with Ontario plates as long as I can. If this  
fails I will sell the car to someone in Canada who plans to move to the US and 
 would sell it back to me if they are able to take it with them. Hope this 
all  works,

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klkinc at gis.net writes:

I  don't think getting the car into the US is the real problem.
The problem is  getting it registered and titled!
I am not sure what the laws are in your  state, I live in Mass(which is 
pretty strict when it comes to titles)
I  brought a Canadian Spec Motorcycle in (Suzuki RG500 2 stroke) and had no  
problem getting it Registered and a title for it.
Now things might be  different for bikes, but they both have to conform to 
DOT Standards, I  know bikes do not have EPA(Emissions)requirements(Yet!) but 
considering  that I brought a 2 stroke Streetbike in, a model that was never 
allowed in  the US (because of Emissions) has to say something.
The Loophole that I  found and used was this.
It was no problem as long as the car(bike) was  registered in Canada.
In Canada they don't have titles (or they didn't  then) all they have is a 
type of registration and all that I need to get a  title in Mass was a copy 
of the bill of Sale and the Sellers Canadian  Registration.
Well i submitted the 2 with an application for a title and in  3 weeks I had 
it , and never had any type of problem(I even sold it to a  guy in CA and he 
had no problems).
So My advice is go to your Registry  and ask them How would I register a car 
I bought in Canada, what do I  need? I think that as long as the car was 
available here in the US and you  don't say how and what do I have to do to 
convert it, who knows you might  get lucky.
I Imported a few Euro Fords back in the "Grey Market days" when  it was 
rather easy to get cars in, but with the current laws, if you have  to Get 
EPA and DOT releases you might as well forget it.
Its somewhat  possible but not very cost effective.
Good Luck and keep us  posted
Cheers from Boston

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