[Es2] Catch tank vs. breather system?

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Dec 7 10:47:31 EST 2004

> Since my breather hose is torn I've been researching
> the catch tank set up.  Anyone done this and can give
> me some direction to set this up on the 3B?

Should be same as for my AAN.  There is a crankcase vent port on the block
and another port on the back of the head.  Route these to a catch can and
plug the now unused hole in your intake hose.  That's it.  Check your catch
can frequently as it fills-up faster than you might think (at least mine

> Any emmissions issues for the US?

Uh, yes.  So, you will need to employ the usual strategies to get around

Also, there is some debate about using catch cans vs. "cyclones" or other
oil separators, so you might want to check for other alternatives.  There
are threads on S2forums and the 20V Kruemmer list, if not every other 20V
list.  I want zero chance of oil in my intake and I have a dedicated track
car, so I made my choice.  It has worked fine so far although we
underestimated how quickly it would fill and it overflowed, dripping oil in
front of my tire on a wet track.  Besides being environmentally unfriendly,
I couldn't understand why my brakes would lock at even the slightest
pressure.  We have adjusted the service interval schedule accordingly.
Nicer catch cans have a sight window or level indicator.


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