[Es2] Catch tank vs. breather system?

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Dec 7 12:48:38 EST 2004

> Seems high.  Do you recycle the oil back into the
> engine and monitor it's level as well?

I don't recycle the oil back in yet, because I don't like my homemade catch
can and I want to redo it.  I also don't like the location, which as I
mentioned before, dumps oil in front of my tire if it leaks. 

> At the back of the head is one of the lines that needs
> to go to the catch tank.  The other will go from the
> black spout that points up on the block (near the back
> of the engine) to the tank...correct?

Correct. The crankcase opening is pretty huge, so we made a fitting out of a
pipe end cap and then we tapped and fitted a male end.  I can snap a photo
if you want an idea.

> So on the
> breather hose there is a T that goes up to the back of
> the intake mani that gets plugged?

Yes.  You will also need to plug the hole in your intake boot, where the
crankcase is vented to in the first place.

> Then you can run
> an vent line to the outside of the car somewhere or
> put a filter on top.


> Lastly run a line from the
> bottom of the tank to the oil cap?

Not oil cap, but to a tapped fitting in the oil pan (or similar).  

> Best place to get a catch tank?

I have seen grassroots race cars that use plastic soda bottles or oil
bottles or you can buy up to a blingy Greddy.  All is available in between.
I made one out of a paint can and fittings from Home Depot:
http://www.urs4.com/temp/catchcan.jpg  You can see the two in and one out
(that doesn't go anywhere).  The downside is that it's a hassle to empty and
for the price of some catch cans (cheap), I would prefer the convenience of
a sight window and especially one that has a drain valve (if I don't want to
do the oil return).  Basically, any raceshop will have them.  Try Summitt,
Pegasus and the like.


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