[Es2] updated pics:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Mon Dec 13 17:19:28 EST 2004

Hi darin.

To be honest.  I put the car in storage.  So it's not necessarily on the road yet.  For awhile though I was pissed about the idea of storage but I got a huge! 15/30ft storage place for $150 a month.  It happens to be the same place where my other storage unit is where we keep all our construction equipment.   This means I can store parts there and sell parts too.  I need to source some more shelves but it's slowly getting organized.

I am currently working on this coupe now:

here the 20vt:

The other coupe is seemingly getting standalone and a naturally aspirated 7a motor with an aan intake manifold and throttle body.  Possibly a front mount radiator.   This is stage one.  One to allow me to get familar with standalone and two it will be alot cheaper than building a small turbo setup and then wanting a big one later down the road.  The first coupe got me familar with these cars.  Now I am going to build this new project on the cheap but with alot of potential.   I am staying away from european parts as much as possible.  It's basically going to be a "junkyard dog".  As I type all this I have v8 sitting in the back of my mind too.  However I have 80% of the parts sourced for the standalone 7a setup. 

It was sad to shut the door on the other coupe.  But I needed to take some time off away from it.


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