[Es2] clutches

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon Dec 20 09:09:06 EST 2004

> Most everyone just using the 7A clutch/flywheel setup?

I am using a stock 7A setup w/ lightened flywheel.  Last minute testing
before the track event (last month) showed that we were getting bad clutch
slip under high boost.  With no other option, we took it to the track
anyway.  Unfortunately, it rained all weekend and there was so little
traction that I was spinning all four tires (3rd gear), before the clutch
had a chance to slip.  I haven't touched the car since then.  So, while I
haven't done any dry track testing, I expect the stock clutch is not good
enough for me (RS2+ power).  I am considering a Spec clutch, which is what
Javad and other motorgeekers are using.


Jimmy P.

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