[Es2] 20vt intake manifold FS

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It was my understanding that the RS2 throttle body had a larger i.d.
I guess I was wrong. Oh, well. Not the first time, nor the last.
I guess I can get one from an urS4-6 and have it bored out.
Want to sell one of yours Tom?

Anybody know if there is a difference between the 3b and AAN throttle bodies?

Happy Holidays!

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> Why do you need an RS2 for the Wagner manifold??  I've got the Wagner
> piece also and I also have both an RS2 throttle body and UrS4 throttle
> body and there is no difference except for a slightly taller "lip" on
> the area where the intake hose clamps onto.  They are different part
> numbers of course, but they can be interchanged.  They also use the same
> throttle position sensor and dashpot.  I can take pics and put the
> calipers on them if you think that would help
> Tom Saltino
> '95.5 S6 avant
> '94 e//S6
> '85 4000 (petie)
> '84 GTI Cup racer
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> Josh,
> Does he have any RS2 throttle bodies? I need one for my Wagner IM.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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