[Es2] eS2 with gauge fetish

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Feb 3 12:06:15 EST 2004

Hey guys, just a quick update to indicate that my project is still alive.
This has been cross-posted to my local club and to S2forum.com:

Just a quick update on my eS2 track car. Instead of doing one of 
the mizillion mundane things I need to do on the project, I decided
to do something sexy, to help with my motivation.


Anybody have a gauge fetish like me? Only six auxillary gauges in
the eS2 so far, but hey, there is room to grow.
Home Depot was out
of aluminum sheets, so I decided to be creative and make the gauge
panel out of Lexan. Not a bad idea initially. It's light, easy to
fab, inexpensive, and the fact that it is clear is handy when lining
up holes; no measuring, just line everything up, mark it with a
Sharpie and drill away. Unfortunately, this is not a good material
for this application. As soon as you cut into it (with a jigsaw, in
my case), the Lexan heats up and melts back together right behind
the blade. So it instantly heals itself up! And if you don't pull
the blade out in time, it gets stuck. D'oh! Anyway, I figured out
some techniques that worked, but it way wasn't worth it. Also, even
with primer, Lexan doesn't take paint very well. So, I'm calling
this the preproduction model. When I have everything figured out,
I'll have my machine shop guy cut one out of a sheet of aluminum and
I'll have my buddy powdercoat it.

Anyway, enough talk, I need to get back to work if I expect to have
this thing running by Summer (and I do).

Jimmy P.

P.S. My (borrowed) Bentley is temporarily back with its owner.  Can anybody
give me a quick rundown on how to remove the interior side of the HVAC?
Everything is going.  I mean everything.  Do I need to pull the dash?  Looks
like a PITA.  I got the blower motor out, but everything else looks like it
is attached with "invisible" bolts.  Thanks.  

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