[Es2] Any one watch "rides" and see the guy using the occiliscope??? Message for Peter and chris too.

Joshua Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Tue Feb 3 21:48:54 EST 2004

I guess this is somewhat audi related:

I was just watching rides and it was preity cool to see the hospital occiliscope reading the ecu bin/hex files. Anyone else catch that?   That is a preity ingenious idea and then it was even saved on floppy disc.  Basically seeing those electrical currents one could get around all the mess in reading the protected hex/bin files?

I figured I mention, I don't mind letting others borrow the Vas tools for pulling wires out of the connectors. The only thing I ask if you were to break one of the tips, is to buy another one.  

For anyone who wanted to know price I paid:

$80.00( I remember correctly).   

I just found this site:

and another is:

For Peter and Chris: (unnecessary for others to read).

"any chance that Chris Miller and I could check out your car sometime?"

The home front is a bit crazy right now.  I blew a crank seal on my work van, which basically meant getting another vehicle. So I just bought a new 2004 ranger (picking it up tomorrow).

I haven't touched the car in over a month because of some unfortunate issuses with my heath and the damn weather. Which currently forces the coupe to hide in a corner in the garage.

I would like to believe I will be starting to work again on the car in the next couple weeks.  Taking some time off was actually a good thing and allowed me to rethink some issues.  

So I would guess anytime after February 21st.

I should have 100% health by then, a garage that is guest friendly, and a clear mind devoted to getting this car on the road.


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